Fortunately, states are beginning to open up wedding and reception venues with restrictions. Have you begun preparing for your wedding? Do you need some help? Oaks Manor takes a look at what wedding planners do and if one is right for you.

What Is a Wedding Planner?

A Wedding Planner is all about executing your vision for your wedding. They are more than just an organizer. They are going to take on all the logistics to make your wedding experience as smooth as possible.

Services will vary depending upon the individual planner, but most begin with a meeting to discuss budget, events (rehearsal dinner, etc.), style choices of the couple, and where you are now in the planning process. From there, you’ll choose the services you wish to receive.

Most full-service Wedding Planners offer their services in packages. These range from assistance with every detail surrounding the wedding to minimal assistance in the process. You may be able to choose what services you want from an à la carte menu.

Wedding Planner services generally include scheduling vendor meetings and negotiating contracts; helping to determine your budget; creating detailed timelines; touring venues and attending tastings with you; coordinating blocks of hotel rooms and transportation; managing the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner; supervising and managing the details on your wedding day; and more.

Brides who prefer to do their own planning may decide to hire a day-of coordinator instead of a full-service Wedding Planner to help manage the actual wedding day. They will become familiar with your plans and vendors and be ready to handle any last-minute details that come up. This allows the bride and groom to avoid interruptions for little things during the wedding and reception.

So, Do You Need a Wedding Planner?

Wedding Planners aren’t for everyone. If you’re anxious just thinking about all of the details surrounding your upcoming nuptials, call a planner. They offer a variety of services to take the burden off of you. You’ll still have the final say in all the decisions, but a Wedding Planner will organize everything and make things flow seamlessly.

If, however, you tend to micromanage and prefer to be hands-on for all of the details for your wedding and the events surrounding it, you’re better off doing it on your own. It will simply be another stressor if you feel like the planner is stepping on your toes.

Whether you choose to hire a Wedding Planner or do your own planning, Oaks Manor is here for you. At Oaks Manor, our Events Team is available to assist in making your special day one you’ll always remember. Just call 585-468-6257 to find out more! We have open dates for your wedding events!


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