Beginning in the Middle Ages, couples have celebrated the number of years they’ve been married with specific gifts. They start off simple, and as the relationship grows and becomes stronger, the gifts increase in substance and significance. Here, we present traditional anniversary gifts for your first 10 years together, with suggestions for gift-giving. 

First Anniversary


Write a love letter to your spouse — the kind that they can save for years to come. Take out an ad in the newspaper that wishes your husband or wife a happy anniversary, give them stationery, or order a magazine subscription they’ll enjoy throughout the year.

Second Anniversary


Gift your significant other a t-shirt or hoodie that commemorates their favorite sports team, hobby, or band. Other ideas include fun pajamas, socks, matching bathrobes, or other cotton clothing items.

Third Anniversary


Leather gifts can range from small, such as a leather bracelet or journal with a leather cover, to large like a leather jacket or boots. Gift cards for leather boutiques are another interesting idea.

Fourth Anniversary

Fruit or Flowers

Enjoy seasonal fruit together, or bring home a bouquet for your home reminiscent of your bridal bouquet. Put a twist on a traditional fruit basket by adding cheese and wine and have a romantic picnic.

Fifth Anniversary


Be creative with this one! Gift your love with a photo of the two of you in a beautiful wooden frame, plant a tree together, or build a birdhouse!

Sixth Anniversary

Candy or Iron

Iron may represent the strength of your marriage bond, but candy is sweeter! Treat yourselves to your favorite sweets to celebrate six years together, or buy some new exotic candies to try together.

Seventh Anniversary

Wool or Copper

Think about a copper art print or copper jewelry to celebrate your seventh anniversary. Want to splurge a little? Go for a cashmere sweater!

Eighth Anniversary

Pottery or Bronze

A flowering potted plant or bronze garden sculpture would make lovely traditional gifts for eight years together. Other gift ideas might include pottery classes or a pizza stone.

Ninth Anniversary

Willow/Wicker or Pottery

Buy your love wicker furniture for sitting together on your porch. Or pack a wicker picnic basket with goodies for a sweet outdoor celebration.

Tenth Anniversary


This one only sounds tricky. Pick up a gift card to your partner’s favorite store and put it in a tin gift box, or bake something delicious and cover it with aluminum foil!


Of course, there are traditional gifts for anniversaries through 60 years — diamonds when you hit that milestone — but we will leave you with this thought: Celebrate your love however you want with gifts from the heart. Nothing means more than making your own traditions and giving gifts that you know your spouse will love.


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