Oaks Inc.

Oaks Inc. Network of Brands

The businesses under the Oaks Inc. portfolio include interior and exterior remodeling, recreation, tree service and more. Each business and employee upholds the same core values Kris Oaks started Oaks Roofing & Siding with — integrity, honesty, and quality with a customer-centric approach and excellent service.

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beautiful staircase at Oaks Manor Churchville, NY

About Oaks Inc.

Kris Oaks founded Oaks Construction (now known as Oaks Roofing & Siding) in 2003 to provide superior construction services to homeowners and businesses throughout Rochester, NY, and the surrounding communities.

Over 20 years later, his family-owned and operated business has helped thousands of customers achieve the home improvements of their dreams. It has also provided the blueprint for what is now known as the Oaks Inc.— a portfolio of several businesses serving regions across New York, Pennsylvania, and Ohio.

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