Weddings in 2023: How to Plan a Personalized, Intentional and Sustainable Celebration


Midday Ceremonies

One of the trends that is making a comeback in 2023 is the midday ceremony. This is a great option for couples who want to have a relaxed and elegant wedding, with plenty of time to rest and enjoy the day. A midday ceremony allows you to have a beautiful lunch reception with your guests, and then invite them back for an evening party with dancing and dessert. This way, you can have the best of both worlds: a formal and sophisticated ceremony, and a lively and festive celebration.

Italian Weddings

If you’re looking for a stunning destination for your wedding, look no further than Italy. Italy is one of the most popular destinations for weddings in 2023, and for good reasons. Italy offers a variety of venues that will suit any style and budget, from villas to vineyards, from castles to churches. Plus, Italy has some of the most delicious food and wine, as well as some of the most romantic scenery and culture. Whether you want to have a rustic and charming wedding in Tuscany, a glamorous and chic wedding in Lake Como or a historic and cultural wedding in Rome, Italy has it all.

Bridal Style

One of the most important aspects of planning a wedding is choosing your bridal look. And in 2023, bridal style is all about finding your inspiration and expressing your personality. Whether you’re inspired by Grace Kelly, Naomi Biden or Barbie, you can find a bridal look that will make you feel like a star. Some of the trends that we’re seeing for bridal style in 2023 are:

  • Long veils: Nothing says romance like a long veil. And in 2023, we’re seeing more and more brides embrace this timeless accessory. Whether it’s lace, tulle or silk, a long veil can add drama and elegance to your bridal look.
  • Structured shoulders: Fashion is always cyclical, and in 2023 we’re seeing an ’80s renaissance. Think: structured shoulders, preppy pearls, oversized bows. These elements can add some edge and sophistication to your bridal look.
  • Colorful dresses: One of the hottest trends for weddings in 2023 is color. And we’re not talking about pastels or neutrals, we’re talking about bold and bright hues that will make your wedding pop. From fuchsia to turquoise, you can find a colorful dress that will suit your taste and theme.

Guest Experience

Weddings are not only about the couple, but also about the guests. That’s why we’re seeing more and more couples prioritize the guest experience in their weddings. From personalized welcome gifts to interactive activities, we’ll show you how to make your guests feel special and appreciated.

  • Welcome gifts: Instead of giving your guests generic welcome bags with bottled water and branded tote bags, why not give them something more personal and meaningful? You can create welcome gifts that reflect your destination, your theme or your story. For example, you can give them local delicacies, handmade souvenirs or personalized items.
  • Interactive activities: Instead of having your guests sit around during cocktail hour or dinner, why not offer them some interactive activities that will keep them entertained and engaged? You can have fun games, photo booths or live performances that will suit your theme and style. For example, you can have a tropical cocktail hour with hula dancers and coconut drinks, a vintage cocktail hour with swing dancers and old-fashioned cocktails or a whimsical cocktail hour with magicians and fairy lights.
  • Themed parties: One of the most anticipated events of any wedding weekend is the welcome party. It’s a great opportunity to greet your guests, set the mood and kick off the festivities. Whether you want a casual beach party, a chic cocktail party or a themed party, we’ll help you plan the perfect welcome party for your wedding.


Sustainability is not just a buzzword, it’s a way of life. And it can also be a way of celebrating your wedding. From choosing eco-friendly vendors to reducing waste, we’ll share some ideas on how to make your wedding more green and less mean.

  • Eco-friendly vendors: One of the easiest ways to make your wedding more sustainable is to choose vendors that share your values and vision. You can look for vendors that use organic, local and seasonal products, that have green practices and policies, and that give back to the community or the environment. For example, you can choose a caterer that sources their ingredients from local farms, a florist that uses compostable or reusable materials, or a photographer that donates a portion of their profits to a charity.
  • Reducing waste: Another way to make your wedding more sustainable is to reduce the amount of waste that you generate. You can do this by opting for reusable or recyclable items, by avoiding single-use items, and by donating or repurposing what you don’t need. For example, you can use cloth napkins instead of paper ones, glassware instead of plastic cups, and compostable or edible favors instead of plastic ones. You can also donate your leftover food, flowers or decor to a local shelter, hospital or school.

Personal Touches

One of the best ways to make your wedding memorable is to add some personal touches that reflect your story and personality. From custom vows to DIY favors, we’ll help you find ways to infuse your wedding with meaning and charm.

  • Custom vows: One of the most intimate and emotional moments of any wedding is the exchange of vows. And in 2023, we’re seeing more and more couples write their own vows instead of using the traditional ones. Writing your own vows can allow you to express your love, your promises and your hopes in your own words. You can also incorporate some humor, some anecdotes or some references that are meaningful to you and your partner.
  • DIY favors: One of the most creative and fun ways to add some personal touches to your wedding is to make your own favors. DIY favors can show your guests your appreciation and your personality. You can make favors that are related to your theme, your hobbies or your passions. For example, you can make homemade jam, candles or soap, personalized magnets, bookmarks or keychains, or edible treats like cookies, candy or popcorn.


If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the traditional wedding timeline and expectations, why not break the mold and do things your way? More and more couples are choosing to skip or modify some of the typical wedding elements, such as wedding parties, bouquet tosses or cake cutting. We’ll help you decide what works best for you and your partner.

  • Wedding parties: One of the trends that we’re seeing for weddings in 2023 is the decline of wedding parties. Many couples are opting to have no bridesmaids or groomsmen at all, or to have only one or two close friends or family members by their side. This can save you time, money and stress, as well as allow you to focus on your relationship with your partner.
  • Bouquet tosses: Another trend that we’re seeing for weddings in 2023 is the elimination of bouquet tosses. Many brides are choosing to keep their bouquets as a keepsake, or to give them away to someone special, such as their mother, grandmother or best friend. This can avoid the awkwardness and pressure that some single guests may feel during this tradition.
  • Cake cutting: Another trend that we’re seeing for weddings in 2023 is the modification of cake cutting. Many couples are choosing to have alternative desserts instead of a traditional wedding cake, such as cupcakes, pies or donuts. They may also choose to cut their cake in private, or to skip the cutting altogether. This can allow you to have more flexibility and creativity with your dessert choices.

We hope you enjoyed this blog post and found it helpful and inspiring. If you’re planning your wedding in 2023 and need some assistance, please contact us at Oaks Manor Events. We’d love to help you plan a personalized, intentional and sustainable celebration.

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