Will I be able to get married spring 2020?

Congratulations on your engagement! While planning a wedding during the COVID-19 global pandemic is extremely stressful, don’t let it ruin this special time in your lives. Wedding planning is complex in the best of times, and spring 2020 has the added complication of a global pandemic.

Oaks Manor Events wants to help. We’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions about gatherings in New York this spring. For more information about our wedding venue, call (585) 468-6257.

Can wedding venues stay open?

As of the writing of this post, May 7, 2020, wedding venues in New York are considered nonessential businesses and must remain closed. Some restaurants are open, with drive-through or takeout only. Wedding venues are not considered essential — though we know a lot of brides disagree — and are currently not allowed to open.

When will wedding venues re-open?

It is unknown when wedding venues, banquet halls, and other event spaces will be able to re-open. Governor Cuomo recently issued a plan for re-opening New York. The plan has no dates but is divided by phases. Wedding venues will be part of Phase 3. There is no information available as to how long each phase will last.

In addition to waiting until the appropriate phase of NY’s plan, businesses are bound by precautions, including social distancing protocols and required masks.

Because weddings tend to be large social gatherings, it’s likely that spring 2020 weddings at venues will be postponed or canceled.

What if I’m already booked? Can my wedding venue cancel?

Unfortunately, if the state is not in Phase 3 of the Re-Opening New York guidelines, your wedding venue will have no choice but to cancel. Call your venue to ask about rescheduling or arranging for a refund per their policies.

What are my choices if I want to get married in May or June?

Some brides and grooms have chosen to have small weddings at home, following social distancing rules. These couples are planning to book reception venues when things open back up, so they can celebrate with friends and extended family when it’s safe.

Others are choosing small outdoor weddings. These generally include just immediate family. These couples are also planning parties for later in the year.

Some of the couples who are choosing to get married are inviting guests to attend online, using Zoom or other video communication platforms. We’re fortunate to have the technology to make this possible!

Once we are open at Oaks Manor Events, we’ll be happy to take reservations for our banquet hall and manor. Our manor has 11 bedrooms, so all your out-of-town guests — or locals — will have plenty of room to hang out together, celebrate your marriage, and make up for lost time.

Will my friends be upset they couldn’t come to my wedding?

Your friends and extended family will be happy for you! Don’t let COVID-19 ruin the first day of the rest of your lives together.

Whether you choose to get married this spring and schedule a reception later, or you choose to postpone your wedding date until NY is fully re-opened, Oaks Manor Events is here to help. Contact us to find out what we have to offer.

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