How will you celebrate?

In our current COVID-19 climate, many couples are left wondering what to do about their summer nuptials. Couples have chosen to postpone wedding celebrations, stream ceremonies, or simply elope. Still, others are opting for microweddings or minimonies. What will you choose?

COVID-19 Microweddings

A microwedding is your wedding, scaled back in size. Couples who choose this option have celebrations of up to 50 guests — who will practice social distancing and wear masks appropriately — to celebrate with them. The festivities may be small, but you can make them memorable.

Microwedding Details

Your microwedding will be a much more intimate experience for you and your guests. You’ll be able to chat with each person and create cherished memories of your day.

Because your wedding will have fewer guests than originally planned, you can choose to reduce your budget and save money, or go ahead and keep your full budget and make your microwedding into a macro experience!

You’ll be able to scale back on flowers and order a smaller wedding cake, so upgrade the most important components of your celebration: food, bar, and music. Great food brings people together! A top-shelf open bar loosens people up, and music opens up the dance floor!

Your COVID-19 Minimony

A minimony differs from a microwedding in that it is a very small, intimate mini wedding ceremony shared with just your loved ones (about 10 people in total). Minimonies are generally chosen by couples who want to move forward with their nuptials because of legal or other reasons. This type of ceremony is primarily for you, the couple, to enjoy. A full-sized sequel wedding will eventually follow the minimony.

Sequel Weddings

After your minimony on your original wedding date, your sequel wedding is the bash you were initially planning. When people are allowed to gather in groups of more than 50 safely, your sequel wedding will be everything you’d hoped for.

Couples from diverse cultures and religions choose minimonies and sequel weddings to honor their families’ traditions and heritage. Fortunately, it’s a good option for our current pandemic situation as well.

Make Your Own Rules

We are living in unprecedented times. Now, more than any time before, you can decide exactly what you want to do for your wedding and how you want to do it. You can have a microwedding, minimony with sequel wedding, elopement, or something of your own creation. There are no rules you have to follow — other than safe social distancing — for your wedding. Get creative. Get married. And enjoy your wedding!

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