You’ve probably heard that your wedding day is bound to be stressful. We’re here to tell you that’s not true! With a little preparation, your day will go smoothly, and you’ll be able to relax and enjoy it. Get ready with our 10 tips for a stress-free wedding day!

1. Hire a Wedding Planner or Coordinator

A wedding planner’s job is to plan and execute all of the details of your special day. Hiring a reputable planner will relieve you of the responsibility of dealing with small details that come up. If you decide to handle planning on your own, consider a day-of coordinator. A wedding coordinator for the day of the ceremony will deal with urgent issues, so you don’t have to be interrupted.

2. Thoroughly Research Vendors

When choosing your caterer, florist, DJ, band, photographer, and other vendors, do your due diligence. It is well worth your time to check reviews and references. Researching your vendors beforehand will prevent unexpected problems on your wedding day.

3. Make a List for Wedding Day Preparations

What do you absolutely have to do on the day of your wedding? Hair? Makeup? Photos? Make yourself a checklist so you don’t forget anything.

4. Plan Enough Time for Getting Ready

You may have the notion to plan a mani/pedi or massage in the morning, but overscheduling yourself will lead to stress. Limit your morning activities to things you have to do — hair and makeup, getting dressed, pre-wedding photos, and other things that must be done before the ceremony.

Once you’ve decided how much time you need to get ready, add 30 minutes. This time acts as a buffer for smudged mascara or just taking a more relaxed pace.

5. Have a Backup Plan for Bad Weather

If your wedding ceremony or reception is planned for outside, consider the possibility of an issue with the weather. Rain, wind, or heat can all put a damper on your day. Preplanning with tents, canopies, and fans will keep you from scrambling for solutions at the last minute.

6. Hand Off Your Phone

This may be tough, but give your phone to your maid of honor. This is your wedding day. Be present for every minute. Allow someone else to handle last-minute texts with problems. Ask your phone minder to capture as many photos as they can throughout the reception.

7. Make Yourself a Timeline for the Day

Work with your photographer to create a timeline with the best light of the day. Know when the sun sets for those golden hour photos, and plan photo times backward from there. Once you’ve finalized a timeline, give it to those who will be in the planned photos. Then nobody has to worry about finding a “lost” bridesmaid or groomsman.

8. Assign Special Jobs

Your bridal party is there to help you. Ask a bridesmaid to be in charge of the gift table and a groomsman to be available to carry the gifts to cars at the end of the night. Appoint someone to be the photographer wrangler to ensure they get pictures of everyone you’ve asked for. Make someone a keepsake collector, gathering extra clean programs, napkins, favors, and other remembrances of the day.

9. Something WILL Go Wrong

Nobody’s perfect. Something will not go according to plan, but that’s okay. You’ve planned things to the best of your ability, and life happens. When a glitch in the plan happens, hand it off to the wedding coordinator to handle it!

10. Enjoy Every Moment of Your Day

Your wedding day will go by quickly. Take a deep breath — delegate responsibilities. Be present in the moment. And truly enjoy your wedding day.


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