The Top 10 Songs on Every Event Planner’s Playlist

Music controls the atmosphere of any event. Upbeat songs keep everyone excited and slow songs help guests get into a relaxed and sentimental mood. Picking the right music for an event is often a collaborative effort between the event planner, the DJ, and the client. If you’re preparing for a wedding, milestone party, or corporate event, getting involved in the music selection is vital to making sure your guests have the best possible experience. If these ten songs aren’t on your playlist, then you’re missing out!

1. The Cha-Cha Slide by Mr. C The Slide Man

Nearly everyone should know this party classic. The Cha Cha Slide is a fun, upbeat dance song with repetitive lyrics and easy movements that are easy to pick up on even for those who haven’t heard it before. It’s guaranteed to get your guests on the dance floor and has remained one of the most popular party songs for good reason.

2. I Wanna Dance With Somebody by Whitney Houston

Whitney Houston’s upbeat hit is another song made to keep a dance party going. I Wanna Dance With Somebody is one of the top party songs of all time and is still among the most requested in 2022 despite the song releasing in 1987. It’s energetic and fun and who can help from wanting to dance, just like the song says?

3. Can’t Help Falling in Love by Elvis Presley

If you’re planning a wedding reception, Can’t Help Falling in Love should definitely make it onto your playlist. While upbeat songs are fun, it’s good to give the guests a rest and bask in the emotions of the moment, especially at a wedding. If Elvis’s original rendition is too old-school for you, you can choose any of the covers by Michael Bublé, Pentatonix, or Kina Grannis for a more modern twist.

4. The Cupid Shuffle by Cupid

After a short break, it’s best to go back to upbeat dance songs and this one is also sure to get people dancing. The Cupid Shuffle is similar to The Cha-Cha Slide but with a little extra funk in the dance, once again explained by the lyrics of the song. As it says, “it don’t matter if you’re young or you’re old.” If you want guests of all ages to get on their feet, you can’t go wrong with this pick. It’s one of the best line dances for any party.

5. Thriller by Michael Jackson

No event is complete without the King of Pop and his record-breaking hit, Thriller. Anyone who remembers the 80’s is guaranteed to love this classic hit. Even younger guests who may not be as familiar with Michael Jackson are sure to love the upbeat tempo and will love getting up to dance to this icon of pop music.

6. Uptown Funk by Mark Ronson ft. Bruno Marks

It’s in the name; this song is funky and so danceable! Anybody who’s listened to the radio since 2015 is bound to know it and enjoy it either on the dance floor or in the background while they talk or eat dinner. Uptown Funk suits any type of event from corporate parties to wedding receptions.

7. September by Earth, Wind and Fire

This hit from Earth, Wind and Fire is another upbeat, feel-good classic that’s popular among all ages. It also never gets old; whether it’s the first or fiftieth time hearing it, you can’t help but tap your foot or sway to the beat and sing along!

8. Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran

When it’s time for another break for your guests, sprinkle in a slower song like this romantic hit from Ed Sheeran. Thinking Out Loud is especially fitting for weddings, anniversaries, or other sentimental events. This song is perfect to get everyone to celebrate love and a favorite for couples to slow dance to.

9. Shut Up And Dance by Walk the Moon

If you’ve heard this song before, you already know why it’s on this list. If you’re looking around your event and feel that there’s not enough dancing, this upbeat hit by Walk the Moon is sure to get people movin’ and groovin’.

10. Don’t Stop Believing by Journey

When it’s time to wrap up the event, Don’t Stop Believing is a great choice. It’s why we chose it to end this list! This Journey song is a well known anthem that will leave your guests in a great mood. It will also probably get your guests singing at the top of their lungs if they aren’t too tired from dancing to all of the other amazing songs on your playlist.

Event Playlist Tips

Ten songs aren’t enough for your entire event but this gives you a good foundation to build on. To fill in the rest of your playlist, choose a few of the Billboard Top 100 hits during the month of your event. These songs will be familiar and fresh in your guests’ minds no matter their age.

Speaking of age, you should be sure to choose your music with your audience in mind. A different playlist should be used for a group of millennials than songs for guests who are mostly in their 60’s. Keep in mind the mood of your event as well. Good dinner music is different from good dance party music, for example.

At the end of the day, the playlist is just about having fun. Aim for well-known songs that all of your guests will be excited about. Music can make or break an event so don’t be afraid to reach out to your event planner or DJ for advice; they have plenty of experience with building the right atmosphere through music for your event.

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