Springtime Event Planning and Ideas With Oaks Manor Events


It’s finally springtime in Rochester- meaning that the weather is warming up and people are excited about getting back out after a long winter. The new season brings party planning ideas, and springtime can be ideal for a wedding, shower, business event. At Oaks Manor Events, we love working with clients to bring their dream party to life. 

Let’s take a look at some tips for planning your perfect soiree at Oaks Manor Events with spring-themed ideas to make your events bloom.

Preparing For the Event

Before you can even enjoy the event, there’s the process of planning and prepping to ensure everything is just right so you and your guests can celebrate your special day worry-free. 

Choosing the Venue

When planning for any event, hosts are keen to book their venue as soon as possible as reservation spaces can fill up quickly. If you’re working with an event planner, reserving your venue is likely at the top of the to-do list. Once the venue is booked, it’s easier to plan the rest of the event as several aspects are based on what the venue can accommodate. 

If you’re planning a large shower or party, you’ll want to look for a venue that provides enough space to fit all your guests. Are you looking for an event space that is indoor, outdoor, or both? At Oaks Manor, we provide indoor and outdoor event options for guests. If you plan an outdoor event with us and unexpected rain happens on the day you book with us, we can easily transition your guests inside for a seamless party experience.

Planning Activities  

When it comes to activity ideas for your event in the spring, some of the most common activities are trivia games, interactive party games, and craft-making activities. Let’s take a look at some ideas for your next party.

Spring Scavenger Hunt 

Due to the nice weather and the ability to use outdoor venue spaces, a scavenger hunt would be a perfect activity for a baby shower with other parents and kids around.  

What better way to entertain at a party than planning a spring-themed scavenger hunt with prizes for the kids? You can create a list that includes different types of flowers or plants located around the property, or hide special treats on the grounds.  

Flower Pot Painting 

Something that will appease an artistic crowd is coming up with craft projects that guests can take part in and also have something to bring home as a party favor. Sticking with the spring theme, one great idea is to have everyone decorate a small flower pot with paints and other craft materials to add more flare. 

You can even provide potting soil and seed packets of different flower varieties local to the Rochester area that guests can take home to grow, remembering this special event for months afterward.

Tea Party 

This could be an activity planned at your shower with a theme, and you have time during the shower when you host a tea party. A tea party can be the focal point of your party, or simply another activity within your event. If your theme is centered around a tea party, consider incorporating some springtime ideas such as dressing up and bringing snacks or teas to pass around. 

Flower Arrangement Making 

Providing flowers for your event allows guests to create their own bouquet is a fun event activity that all ages can enjoy. Consider offering several different flower variations that your guests can create and take home to place as table centerpieces, mantel decorations, or even a gift for somebody you know.

Ideas for Your Spring Event

We’ve compiled some other ideas to think about when it comes to your spring event with Oaks Manor, from food to decorations.


“April showers bring May flowers” rings in our brains when we think about the coming of spring, which may be cause for concern when planning your event, especially if you’re planning an outdoor event. 

To beat the potential gloom of rain, think about adding vintage or floral umbrellas into the theme of your event, such as hanging decorations above tables or scattering them around the venue for added detail. 

Some of the most common spring decoration ideas include table centerpieces, floral utensils, cups, and dishes for your treats and drinks. Consider incorporating a set color palette all your decorations into a specific color palette that you might have chosen. 

Spring Food Options

The food is often a staple at any event or party. Guests will appreciate the provisions, especially for several-hour-long events. You can present your guests with spring-themed treats and beverages in two separate ways: visually and flavorfully (or both). 

Want to wow your guests with a visually appealing array of treats? You might consider creating a tulip out of grape tomatoes stuffed with cream cheese and using green onions for the stems, or cute ladybug-shaped caprese bites with tomato, mozzarella, and dots of balsamic glaze.

If you’re looking for refreshing appetizers that taste good and are colorful, provide cucumber sandwiches that guests can eat or smoked salmon canapes that offer a crisp, refreshing taste to brighten any party. 

Spring-Themed Drinks

Think about pairing these treats with delicious springy-theme drinks (alcohol or alcohol-free) that guests will love. Because the flowers will bloom soon or have already started blooming, crafting flower-infused drinks such as iced hibiscus lattes, rosé punch, or lavender gin and tonic punch will be a treat for all party attendees.   

Plan Your Next Gathering With Oaks Manor Events

Many decisions and factors go into planning for your wedding, shower, or party, and you want to be as prepared as possible. Considering an event for the spring? Contact us at Oaks Manor Events- we are equipped to handle your guest list size and can discuss catering options for your party. Our team can help bring your event from an idea to reality.

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