Unique wedding arches are a huge trend in modern weddings. In the past, arches have been covered in flowers, but today’s brides are getting creative! Read on for tips and ideas for your one-of-a-kind wedding arch.


An easy, elegant option is to use fabric to wrap and drape over your arch. Choose white or a combination of colors that work with your wedding colors to artfully cover the arch form.

Breezy, billowing fabrics like chiffon, tulle, net, lace, or voile work best. Watch your craft stores for budget-friendly fabric sales and coupons!

String Lights

String lights make a lovely backdrop for pictures, especially at sunset. Depending on the height of your arch, you can purchase 5-10 ft. strings. Fairy lights are very popular, just make sure you have extra batteries to keep them lit throughout the festivities.

Have a larger arch or looking for something brighter? Bistro lights are often used in outdoor venues and look great hanging from arches. Be sure to use warm bulbs to avoid harsh light and shadows.

Paper Lanterns, Streamers, & Crystals

For an adorable, affordable arch, use paper lanterns, thin streamers or ribbons, and crystals. The light from the lanterns will reflect magical light and colors in the crystals. You’ll be surprised how pretty this option looks in photos.

Wood Doors

Doors symbolize the transition from one part of your life to another. Couples are using rustic wood doors, antique doors, and other “found” doors and hand painting them to use as a backdrop for their ceremony altar.

Consider a white wooden door, surrounded by a few select blooms, to exemplify your move forward into a new life together.

Flowers & Greenery

As we mentioned, flowers are the traditional arch covering, but flowers can be expensive. Consider weaving some of your wedding flowers with faux flowers for a more budget-friendly floral alternative.

Don’t be afraid to get creative. Add vines, flowers in shades of your wedding colors, and even faux berries into the mix.

Be Creative!

Don’t choose just one arch idea! Mix and match for the arch that reflects your style and goes with your wedding décor. There is no right or wrong way to decorate your wedding arch. Have fun and experiment with different looks before the big day!


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