To Post or Not to Post

Social media is a huge part of our lives. Whether tweeting, Snapchatting, posting to Instagram or Facebook, or making a new TikTok, we spend our days sharing our activities online. At a wedding, guests will surely have their phones out, recording video and taking pictures. How do you want your guests to share photos and videos during your special day?

The Couple Makes the Rules

Do you want guests to wait to post photos AFTER the ceremony is over? Be clear with your guests! If you want to be able to share snaps and videos from your day before they start posting, let them know in advance so there are no surprises.


Once you give the okay, give guests a hashtag for event photos so you can follow along or view the images later. Create your unique hashtag using your names, alliteration, rhymes, or puns. Make it fun! You can use eWedding’s hashtag generator if you’re stuck!

Hand Over Your Phone

If you’re someone who loves to update your social media regularly, you might want to consider how to make that happen during your festivities. While you’d love to capture every special moment, wouldn’t it be better to enjoy it without worrying about Instagram? Entrust a bridesmaid or friend with your social media accounts. That evening or the day after the wedding, you’ll have fun seeing what they posted!

No Embarrassing Photos!

Keep things positive. Remember that a lot of people will be looking at your posts. Guests and the bridal party should refrain from posting photos that will embarrass anyone. This tarnishes the day.

If any guest posts a photo that you find unflattering or objectionable, ask them to take it down. Don’t let a bad photo strain a friendship.

Guest Etiquette

We all know that guest who ends up in the photos of the couple’s first dance because they stepped in front of the photographer to get their perfect Instagram snap. (I’m looking at you, mother of the groom.) Guests should stay out of the wedding photographer’s way — and not intrude for a pic during a special moment.

All That Being Said…

As the bride and groom, you may ask that guests turn off cameras and cell phones during the ceremony. Place a wedding-themed sign at the entrance to the venue with a polite request and a promise that you will share ceremony photos later. And be sure to follow through.

Social media is a huge part of our lives, and it will likely be a part of your wedding day. By making your wishes clear at the start, it will be an enhancement, not a hassle.


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